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Useful organisations

This section of DLF Data contains details of numerous voluntary organisations, Government agencies, support groups and other contacts that may be useful to older and disabled people and their carers. If you find any information that is incorrect please email Data Services to let us know which 'Contact' is incorrect and what information needs changing. If you would like to be added to the database please complete these questions.

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Financial Support (Equipment)

National charity concerned with frail older people facing immediate hardship or distress whose personal needs cannot be met by statutory or voluntary services. Helps to sustain people in their own homes by making personal grants as a contribution to the cost of necessary equipment or other exceptional expenditure.


  • 9 Bonhill Street
  • London
  • EC2A 4DJ

Specializes in awarding grants to adults with a range of mental and physical disabilities and older people. Grants are available from £100-£5,000, which could be used to benefit individuals, groups or communities, to promote personal independence and sufficiency. Applications that combat loneliness and enable people to be active and engaged will receive our highest priority in 2015.


  • Suite 201, Second Floor
  • Design Centre East
  • London
  • SW10 0XF

Helps young people under 21 years who have any form of cancer or leukaemia, and their families. Aims to improve treatment and clinical care, promote research and support children and their families by providing accommodation near to the hospital where the child is being treated. Provides care and counselling, short term holiday accommodation for crisis breaks, cash grants in cases of individual need and supports local nursing teams.


  • No. 1 Farriers Yard
  • Assembly London
  • Filton
  • W6 8JA

Aims to promote social welfare in mining communities to mineworkers and ex-mineworkers and their families, as well as coalfield communities. Activities include: providing a social work team to offer advice and pratical assistance, running day centres and a convalescent home, Offers various schemes including: holiday grants, motoring assistance, medical equipment loan service, and financial assistance.


  • The Old Rectory
  • Rectory Drive
  • Whiston
  • S60 4JG

Provides information on charities and trusts who provide grants in the UK.


The Trust relieves need and distress among British and Irish people, and members of their immediate family, from a wide range of occupations and backgrounds. No account is taken of religious denomination, political opinion, age or place of residence. Need and distress may encompass difficulties associated with old age, infirmity, disability, financial need ans social isolation. Aims to safeguard independence and also dignity by giving grants to people with limited financial resources who live in their own homes or by providing accommodation for older people in Elizabeth Finn Trust Homes.


  • Hythe House
  • 200 Shepherds Bush Road
  • London
  • W6 7NL

Helps low income families of disabled or seriously ill children, and gives grants related to the care of the child for example for holidays, leisure, laundry equipment and driving lessons. Works towards an inclusive society where families with severely disabled or seriously ill children have choices and opportunities.


  • Unit 4 Alpha Court
  • Monks Cross Drive
  • York
  • YO32 9WN

Provide medical equipment + services for adults + children of all ages.


  • Community House
  • Room 35
  • London
  • BR1 1RH

Aims to help improve independence, comfort, safety, dignity and quality of life for people with long-term illness and disability who live at home. This is achieved through making financial help available to people in need for adaptations, special equipment and other items and services to help with daily life at home.


  • 4th Floor
  • Congress House
  • Harrow
  • HA1 2EN

The Jennifer Trust is a national charity with 25 years of experience of providing information, support and advice to families and individuals affected by SMA and to professionals involved.


  • 40 Cygnet Court
  • Timothy's Bridge Road
  • Stratford upon Avon
  • CV37 9NW

Charity that gives grants to women who are in financial need, and who are in ill health or suffering from a health-related problem. Grants given include those for aids for disability.


  • PO Box 135
  • Buntingford
  • SG11 2XJ

One Family aims to give funding to community projects nominated by their customers, as well as giving financial aid to customers in need in the form of Personal Grants. The Personal Grants can include applications from parents needing help to pay for equipment for disabled children. Please note that only their customers are eligible.


  • 16-17 West Street
  • Brighton
  • BN1 2RL

Provides one-off grants to older people and people with disabilities or mental health issues. Financial assistance can be provided for electrical and gas appliances, household goods, and clothing. All applications must be made by a social worker employed by the local or health authority.


  • The Percy Bilton Charity
  • Bilton House
  • London
  • W13 9NB

Help children with life-limiting illness, React works to give these children comfort, dignity and, where possible, greater independence. It helps them to remain in the security of their own homes and tries to relieve some of the terrible worry and strain their families experience.


  • St. Lukes' House
  • 270 Sandycombe Road
  • New Richmond
  • TW9 3NP

Provides grants to individuals with a disability and charities with the aim of enhancing the quality of life for people in need. Grants given include funding for the provision of specialised wheelchairs, other mobility aids and equipment including to assist independent living.


  • 61 Thames Street
  • Windsor
  • SL4 1QW

Charitable trust that provides financial assistance for artists, nurses and women in need. Contributions towards wheelchairs are considered.


  • PO Box 172
  • Lewes
  • BN7 9FF

Charity that aims to help improve the quality of life mainly of profoundly disabled children and young adults, whether living at home or in residential care, but also consider applications from children and adults of all ages with any form of physical or learning disability. Fund the purchase of a range of specialised equipment, therapies and respite.


  • C/O Paul Cawood
  • Balmain Asset Management
  • London
  • SW6 4TJ

National charity which provides radio and television sets to older and disabled people who are in financial need and socially isolated. Annual newsletter "Intune". Open Mon-Fri, 8.30am-4.30pm.


  • 159a High Street
  • Hornchurch
  • RM11 3YB

Provides children and young people with customised mobility equipment, training, advice and life skills.


  • Elliot House
  • 10-12 Allington Street
  • London
  • SW1E 5EH

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