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Walking frames and rollators - wheeled

Wheeled walking equipment may be useful for people who find it difficult to use a traditional frame as they provide a more continuous walking pattern. Some wheeled walking equipment may have a braking system incorporated. The different styles of brake include: - pressure brakes which are operated by downward pressure on the frame; - cable brakes which are similar to bicycle brakes and require a squeeze action to operate them. Simultaneous use of both hands is necessary; - locking brakes enable users to lock their brakes in the 'on' position so that they do not have to maintain their grip. This safety feature is essential when using a walking device which incorporates a seat. It is essential that walking devices are inspected regularly to maximise the safety of the equipment. Particular attention should be paid to the site of screws, nuts, bolts and height adjustment mechanisms. Wheels and castors should be checked to ensure they move freely.

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