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Children's home

All products included in this section are designed for a child to use, that is, their appearance makes them inappropriate for adult use, or the products are available in children's sizes. However, adult equipment may be more relevant for older children or adolescents. There is a very limited range of companies that hire or repair children's equipment. Some of the hire companies listed in the corresponding adult categories may include children's equipment as part of their range. Before making any decisions about purchasing equipment or making alterations to the home, it is advisable to contact a paediatric occupational therapist. They will usually be based at the local social services department, and will be able to visit the child and their family in order to assess the child's daily living needs. The OT will advise on possible solutions to problems, ways of facilitating existing skills and may be able to provide some items of equipment on loan. She or he can also give advice on grants that may be available to help with the cost of any major adaptations.

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