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This product has been discontinued!
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DLF's summary:
Solar LED effect projector with a choice of effect-discs. Also available as part of a set of sensory aids SRP-EP.
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Product models

There are 4 models of this product available. Suppliers may not supply them all:

  • Starter PJLED01
  • Dancing Butterflies PJLED02
  • Liquid Wheel PJLED03
  • Bundles 1-5 PJLED04-PJLED08


  • Light output of over 650 lumens from a 40W LED module
  • Expected life of the LED module is approx 100,000 hours+
  • Comes with a universal rotator compatible with both 6" and 9 " wheels


  • Range of manufacturer's 6" and 9" wheels are available


Supplier name Guide price
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Manufacturer's details

Total Sensory

Technologies House
507 Ashingdon Road
01702 542231

Manufacturer's product description

The New Magnetic Sensory LED Projector offers interaction with your disc projector, as well as ease of use with the development of magnetic wheels instead of the standard push on variety.
Each kit comes with everything you need to set you up with a projected effect on your ceiling or wall.
Our LED Projectors are quieter, and run cooler with a brighter projected light compared to the old bulb type projectors. LED projectors are also more energy saving, with over 300x's longer life than lamp projectors.

The starter kits include:
LED Projector
6" Magnetic Wheel of your choice
Magnetic Wheel Rotator (1/2rpm)

All packs include everything you need to run the projector- the rotator that wheels fit into, and a pack of 3 magnetic wheels.

Pack 1 - Under the Sea Pack includes:
6" Deep
6" Tropical Fish
6" Whales

Pack 2 - Children's Pack includes:
6" Princesses
6" Superheros
6" Robots

Pack 3 - Reminiscence Pack includes:
6" Musical Stars 30s - 50s
6" 1940s Film Stars
6" 1940s - 1960's

Pack 4 - Abstract Pack includes:
6" Dancing Butterflies
6" Blossom
6" Blowing Bubbles

Pack 5 - Celebration Pack includes:
6" Firework
6" Snow Crystals
6" Balloons

Pack 6 - Educational Topics Pack Includes:
6" At the Farm
6" Jurassic
6" At the Zoo

Pack 7 - Animals Pack
6" At the Farm
6" Tropical Birds
6" At the Zoo

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