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Reviews for Karristick

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By Data Services Team,on 31 October 2017

Comment: For information on other products that might be useful, see the Shopping bag carriers section

By sheila wall,on 31 October 2017

Comment: are there any manufacturers who make anything similar to the karristick. I would very much like to have one ZIEK

By Mrs Sheila Mynard,on 20 October 2016

Comment: we too, (my husband and I) have used these for years and years, and told dozens of people around the country on our holidays, where to buy. First it was made individually by Martek in 1993, then in later years Boot Chemist had them, and more recently Argos. Am heartbroken to discover none available, as friend wanted one, and if one of ours broke, we would be lost with them. Mrs S Mynard

By P Smith,on 21 May 2016

Comment: I have used one of these shopping bag carriers for several years and everywhere I go people stop me in the street to ask where I bought it. Now I have found your website I realise that it isn't manufactured anymore. Extremely good and robust product.

By UDAYANA,on 24 August 2015

Comment: It is handy light weight & easy to use. i realley want to buy. If i can get it i will very much apperciate. Thanks. sorry for the spelling mistake. Mrs.Desai

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By DLF Data Admin,on 22 August 2013

Comment: Hi Marilynn we have located a similar product from Designed2Enable, not entirely sure if it is exactly what you want but here's the link: designed2enable.co.uk/rollermate-walker/ Kind Regards, DLF Data Administration Team

By DLF Data Services,on 21 August 2013

Comment: Hello, Unfortunately the Karristick is no longer available from any of the suppliers listed on our database. We do however have a section for shopping trolleys where you may find something suitable for your needs. Kind Regards DLF Data Services Team

By Marilynn Beale,on 20 August 2013

Comment: Please can anyone tell me where I can buy a KERRISTICK

By DLF,on 14 August 2013

Comment: Thank you for this feedback. The DLF do not sell equipment, but we have now updated our information about this product. It may be helpful to contact the product's manufacturer who we believe to be Drive Medical Ltd (contact information is given in the 'Manufacturer's Details' section), or for information on similar products, you may find it useful to take a look at our 'Shopping Equipment' section.

By Su,on 13 August 2013

Comment: I was very disappointed to learn that you no longer sell the Karristicks. I have three, all customized in animal print patterns. and I keep one in each car and one by the door in case I forget. I am stopped two or three times every time I go out by people asking where I got mine. I have collected mine from charity shops and car boot fairs as I have not seen them for sale elsewhere. What a shame, they are so handy . I never go out without mine. A great product.

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