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Table for Large number, or shaped button corded telephones (go back to list of products)

Product NameVolume controlTelephone typeTelephoneSpeech amplificationMessagingDiallingCall indicatorsFeatures
For individual product details click on the product nameTone or volume: Tone (T); Volume (V); Both (B)CordlessHands-freeMaximum ringer volume (dB) (dB)Inductive coupler for use with hearing aidsLoudspeaker / speakerphoneMaximum handset volume (dB) (dB)Incoming or outgoing speech: Incoming speech (I); Outgoing speech (O); Both (B)Additional earpiecesHeadset socketAnswerphoneAdditional handsetsIntercomContrasting colour keypadLarge button keypadHow many quick dial memory buttonsLCD displayVisual indicatorPagerAudible cues when changing settingsPrice (£)
Amplicomms Powertel 68 Plus Amplified Telephone With Answering MachineTX85125I377
Amplipower Big-button Telephone81Yes133; 149IØ9Strobe50
Big Button TelephoneVXYes349
Bigtel 48 Large Button Telephone With Programmable Emergency NumbersBXYes3Indicator light25
Bigtel 50 Alarm Plus Big Button Amplified Corded TelephoneBXYes3Indicator light71
Bt Big Button 200 TelephoneYesB330
Cl10 Amplifed 2 Piece Corded PhoneVXXYesXIXXXXX3XIndicator lightX10
Cl100 Big Button TelephoneBXXYesBXXXXX12XStrobeX31
Cl330 TelephoneBXYesIØX4Indicator lightX28
Dallas 10 Big Button PhoneBXYesB3-9
Doro 311c Phone Easy TelephoneVXXYesXIXXXXX13XIndicator lightX17
Doro Phoneeasy Photo 331 TelephoneVYesI3Indicator light20
Easi 123 Big Button TelephoneVXXXXXIndicator light10
Geemarc Clearsound 210a Amplified Telephone With Answering MachineBYesI3Indicator light55
Hearplus 313c Amplified TelephoneBX85YesI3Indicator light62
Ocean400 Amplified Big Button TelephoneB80YesIX6Indicator light67
Phoneeasy Display TelephoneV-78YesIX12Indicator light30
Powertel 30 TelephoneTX79Yes101I1031
Powertel 49 Plus PhoneTX90I42
Powertel 58 Plus PhoneTXI349
Powertel 97 Alarm TelephoneVXYesX3Indicator light66
Rnib Big Button Talking TelephoneBX82Yes110IØX3Indicator lightXYes84
Serenities Big Button TelephoneBXO580
  • ✔ = Standard,
    Ø = Option
  • x = Feature not available
  • - = Information not available
  • m-m - Made-to-measure
  • POA = Price on application
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