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Table for Raised toilet seats for bariatric use (go back to list of products)

Product NameSeat styleSeatMaterialFixturesFeaturesDimensions
For individual product details click on the product nameAperture: keyhole (K); horseshoe (H); oval (O)Seat style: standard (S); contoured (C); horseshoe (H)Position of cutaway: front (F); rear (R); both (B)Arthrodesis: left (L); right (R); both (B); optional feature (O)Seat height (cm)Seat width (cm)Seat depth (cm)Composition: plastic (P); foam (F)Adjustable bracket: screw knob (K); nut release (N); option of screw knob or nut release (O)Push on with non-adjustable brackets and postsHook and loopFixation via WC hinge holesSlip-resistant padsFront lipLidInner flangeAperture width (cm)Aperture depth (cm)Weight (kg)Capacity (kg)Width (cm)Height (cm)Depth (cm)Price (£)
Aquatec 90 Toilet Seat RaiserK113740PKXXXØ21271.1; 1.622530
Ashby Contract Raised Toilet SeatCF5; 10; 153939PKXXXXXØX21119020
Ashby Easyfit Raised Toilet SeatKCF5; 10; 153739PKXXX23251.8; 2.1; 2.819014
Ashby Super Deluxe Toilet SeatCF5; 10; 153939POXXXØØ219010
Ashby Wide-access Toilet SeatOCB104140PKXXXXXX25212.219055
Atlantis Raised Toilet Seat With LidOCB5; 10; 153641PSXX1.420019
Blue Foam Raised Toilet SeatOCB5; 10F19032
Cosby Raised Toilet Seat1042P22021
Derby Prima Toilet SeatOCB5; 10; 154038PKXXXØX0.7; 1; 1.919014
Derby Toilet SeatOCF5; 104038PKØXXXØ22219037
Enterprise Toilet SeatKCF104239PXXØ4.2190583190
Linton Plus Raised Toilet SeatKCB5; 10PKXXX232719011
Linton Plus Raised Toilet Seat With LidCB5; 10; 15PK232719018
Linton Raised Toilet SeatKCF5; 10PKXXXX2420025
Melton Raised Toilet SeatKC5; 10; 153741PKXXXXX2223219039
Melton Sloped Raised Toilet SeatKCBB13POXXXXX22219026
Novelle Clip-on Raised Toilet SeatKCB7.54245PXXXXX2428119011
Raised Toilet SeatOCB5; 10; 153641PKX120024
Raised Toilet SeatOCB5; 10; 15PN19026
Raised Toilet Seat With Lid5; 10; 153641120019
Raised Toilet Seat With LidCB103540PXX19025
Raised Toilet Seat Without LidOCB5; 10; 153641PSXXX1; 1; 220016
Red Raised Toilet SeatKCF5; 10; 153839PKX21251.3115, 19032
Savanah Raised Toilet SeatKCB5; 10; 154041PKXXXX21119011
Savanah Raised Toilet Seat With LidCB5; 10; 154140PKXXX21119014
Senator Plastic Raised Toilet SeatKCB5; 1040PKXXXØ232119010
Senator Plastic Raised Toilet Seat With LidOCB5; 5; 10; 1038; 39; 38; 3940PKX230.8; 1.4; 0.8; 1.71909; 7; 14; 1443; 40; 43; 4112
Serenity Toilet SeatOCF5; 10; 15P19013
Serenity Toilet Seat With LidOCF5; 10; 15P19020
Throne Toilet RaiserSX2505; 890
Uni-fix Raised Toilet SeatOCF8; 103540PKXXXXX220016
Viscount Raised Toilet SeatCB5; 10; 153640PKXX280.8; 119012
Viscount Raised Toilet Seat With LidCB5; 10; 153640PKX28119012
  • ✔ = Standard,
    Ø = Option
  • x = Feature not available
  • - = Information not available
  • m-m - Made-to-measure
  • POA = Price on application
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