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Table for Toilet surround frames (go back to list of products)

Product NameFrameDimensions
For individual product details click on the product nameAdjustable heightVersion or fittings for floor fixing availableHand grips/armrestsSplayed legsToilet fixedFoldingMaterialCapacity (kg)Height (cm)Length (cm)Weight (kg)Width (cm)Back height (cm)Price (£)
Adjustable Aluminium Toilet Surround RailØYesXXXaluminium12566-764746124
Adjustable Epoxy Coated Toilet SurroundNoXXXepoxy powder coated12564-795045622
Adjustable Height Toilet SurroundsYesXXXplastic coated steel15860-7950; 47-6245721
Adjustable Toilet FrameNoXX18046760-7030
Adjustable Toilet SurroundNoXXaluminium or epoxy powder coated19063-79502; 851-5635
Adjustable Toilet SurroundØYesXXXplastic coated steel16067-824354826
Aluminium Adjustable Toilet SurroundNoXXXaluminium12564-714425622
Aluminium Toilet SurroundØXXXaluminium16067-754725329
Ashford Toilet FrameYesXXX190665746624
Bariatric Adjustable Toilet SurroundNo19063-7960-6567
Clipston Toilet Frame With Pu ArmsNoXX18027
Cosby Toilet SurroundYesXXXplastic coated steel190min 64, max 79548-6120
Double Adjustable Toilet SurroundYesXXXplastic coated steel14067-8243448-5854
Economy Toilet FrameNoXplastic coated steel19064-79475925
Economy Toilet SurroundNo--Xepoxy powder coated10070-8639
Extra Wide Toilet SurroundYesXXepoxy powder coated25066-794766194
Foldeasy Toilet SurroundYes--aluminium127549
Harrier Toilet FrameYesXXepoxy powder coated15957-695645332
Height Adjustable Toilet FrameNoXX19080
Helper Adjustable Toilet SupportYes11465-804445432
Hi-riser Folding FrameNoXaluminium120; 13579-935134835
Invacare Adeo Toilet Frame64-74No1004425930
Kibworth Toilet FrameYesXXXplastic coated steel190min 64, max 795145627
Kibworth Toilet FrameYesXXXplastic coated steel18064-794345130
Nuvo Toilet FramesYesXXepoxy powder coated19061-765348; 61; 48-6144
Prima Multi Toilet FrameYesXX19066-8351-61X40
Shelford Support Frame745432
Shorwell Adjustable Toilet SurroundØYesXXXaluminium12763-744334822
Steel Adjustable Toilet SurroundØYesXXXplastic coated steel11470-855546123
Steel Toilet SurroundNoXXXplastic coated steel19065-804545635
Surrey Toilet Surround RailXYesXXplastic coated steel1907353326; 45-6028
Toilet FrameNoX15966-80553.84954
Toilet Safety RailXNoXXX15067497030
Toilet Support FrameYesArmrests11461POA
Toilet SurroundØYesXXXplastic coated steel16067-824476025
Toilet SurroundØYesXXXaluminium12566-7648258-6133
Toilet SurroundNoXplastic coated steel15965-80462.55347
Utility Toilet Surround Frameepoxy powder coated11454-6427
Width Adjustable Economy Toilet FrameYesXXXepoxy powder coated19064-794759-7220
X155 Toilet Surround With Floor FixingsYesXX25465-80496297
  • ✔ = Standard,
    Ø = Option
  • x = Feature not available
  • - = Information not available
  • m-m - Made-to-measure
  • POA = Price on application
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