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Table for Class 2 mid wheel drive powered wheelchairs (go back to list of products)

Product NameSeat UnitPower and FunctionFootrestsFootplatesDimensionsBackrestArmrestsTestingSeatFrameAccessoriesCharging pointTilt
For individual product details click on the product nameFold-up or swing away armrestsSwivel seatControls: user (U); dual (D); option (O)Range (km)Kerb height (cm)Kerb climbingControls: Joystick (J); Push-button (P); Automated or preset (A); Option (O)Front or rear: front drive (F); rear drive (R); option (O)Dual speed optionFixed or detachable: fixed (F); detachable (D); option (O)Elevating legrestSwing awayType: one piece (O); individual (I); one piece or individual (Op)Fold upWeight (kg)Width (cm)Maximum gradient (degrees)Turning circle diameter (cm)Maximum speed (km/h)Capacity (kg)Length (cm)Weight of heaviest component (kg)Back height (cm)Height (cm)Angle of recline (degrees)Ground clearance (cm)HeadrestAdjustable angleDetachableFolds forwardFolds back fully or half: fully (F); half (H); option (O)Fold up or drop down: fold (F); drop (D); option (O)Adjustable heightDetachableCrash tested to ISO 7176-19Seat width (cm)Adjustable heightSeat depth (cm)Tilt-in-spaceSeat height (cm)Height; elevation height (cm)Specialised seatingDismantlesLegrestOxygen cylinder holderCharging point - mains (M); wheelchair (W); option (O)Angle of tilt (degrees)Price (£)
Freerider Cambridge PowerchairU24FO1066881075.4160115F2299
J600es Power ChairU307DO566261046.413690XFXYes41; 46; 511749
Jazzy 600es Powerchair24J62104613690Yes41; 4641; 461800
Jazzy Air Powerchair25FO613710741; 46; 512610
Jazzy Select 6 Powered Wheelchair6011161369046Ø461319
Jazzy Select Powered WheelchairU24MFXO60102613610942XXXX4646XXXØ1550
Jive M2 Sedeo Ergo Power Chair4010O1606210616010751-61110Yesmin 40, max 56min 40, max 5645-489990
Morgan Class 2 PowerchairØD296FI1166081286.414011530130ØØØFØØ41-51; 43-48; 46-5141-51Ø32Ø3250
Pride Jazzy Air 2 PowerchairUO591066.413610710441; 46; 5141-562660
Pride Quantum 600 Sport Electric Wheelchair676611462279125-66; 36-6125-66; 36-614980
Pride Quantum Q6 Edge 2.0 PowerchairU26OO79611046136906326-5626-56M4375
Pronto M41 Modulite PowerchairU175FI112; 1287216613610348-66103-109F38-5341-51; 51-5642-7230POA
Pronto M41 Powerchair215O82617204613098-10348; 54; 6094-110ØFOYes41-46; 44-48min 46, max 561717
Q500 Mwd PowerchairO4010O13061-62863616012844-56ØFYes38-5640-5642-494995
Quantum 600 Xl Powerchair581026.41819336-61; 41-5636-61; 41-563379
Quantum 610 Powerchair4059613688Yes25-51; 36-51; 41-562789
Quantum Q4 Powerchair25JFØI611026.413790ØYes41; 4641; 462760
Quantum Q6 Edge Hd Power ChairU25Op67101046.4204125Yes94980
Quickie Salsa M2 Class 2 Powerchair267JF125-1756181206140FYes41-5141-5143-475025
Quickie Salsa Mnd Powered Wheelchair267.5113608122614011046-51Yes41-5141-5140-478646
Rascal P327 Powered Wheelchair324Ø1056966.4136102118F47; 521699
Real 6100 Plus Powered Wheelchair157657824.51358033-4340-4839-4847-75; 40-605699
Roma Malaga Powerchair26O87608172611510550113F484450-581545
Samm Power WheelchairXXU 406FO8260; 6310152616012050-57HDYesmin 38, max 56min 44, max 5240; 414995
Shoprider Lugano Powered Wheelchair40JO12664176611510550127484654-601699
Shoprider Sena Powered Wheelchair63576.410094941375
Sunrise Medical Q6 Edge 3 PowerchairO28OYesF62104613682FYes31-5631-5643-51O5995
Sunrise Medical Quickie Q700 M PowerchairO4010OFO14562-7010112-126616011944-56FYes38-5640-5642-49O6750
Sunrise Medical Quickie Q700 M Sedeo Ergo Powerchair40OYesI1606210200616010751-61FYes40-5640-5643-58M12750
Sunrise Medical Quickie Q700up M Standing Class 2 PowerchairO40O62100612010756-61Yes40-5040-5445-4819500
Sunrise Medical Quickie Q700-up M Standing Powerchair4010OYesI160621050612010751-61FYes40-5040-5445-48M2219500
Sunrise Medical Quickie Salsa M2 Mini Powerchair237JO97-128521103.2; 614011246; 49; 51ØFØYes41-5141-51Ø43 min, 49 max4895
Sunrise Medical Zippie Salsa M2 Mini Powerchair237JI97-1285286.475112-4 to +16ØFYes30-4030-40Ø40-535025
Supachair Mini Indoor PowerchairXU17FXO385561186.215082203280XXFX40X38X1795
Tdx Sp2 Class 2 Powerchair317.5JD154659224618011648; 54; 56101-117Yes38-5341-5145; 484840
Tdx2 Ultra Class 2 PowerchairU317.5JØI179659224613611236-51108-1548XOXYes41-61X41-5844; 46; 48X9950
Tdx2nb Class 2 PowerchairU267.5138619224615011648; 54; 56101-117Yes38-5341-51; 51-56Ø48-78204337
Tdxsp2 Class 2 Powerchair With Seat RaiserU317.5ØO154659224616011648; 54; 56101-117Yes38-5341-5148-78304810
Titan Axs Mid-wheel PowerchairU24FO786061026.4136100404611241-5641-51899
Travelux Quest Midwheel Powerchair20O556316451369884-86434352-54646
Venture Powerchair With Elevating Seat26FO7156126513510487-104ØF494645-581595
Zenith Pro Powerchair With Headrest24O70606136107311201199
Zippie Salsa M2 Mini Teens PowerchairU237JOImin 97, max 1285211067511238-48-5 to +30ØFYes30-4041-510-305225
  • ✔ = Standard,
    Ø = Option
  • x = Feature not available
  • - = Information not available
  • m-m - Made-to-measure
  • POA = Price on application
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