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Table for Class 2 indoor/outdoor powered wheelchairs capacity 127-189kg (go back to list of products)

Product NameSeatPower and FunctionFrameDimensionsBackrestTestingFootrestsFootplatesArmrestsCharging pointSeat UnitAccessoriesTilt
For individual product details click on the product nameSeat height (cm)Seat depth (cm)Seat width (cm)Tilt-in-spaceHeight; elevation height (cm)Adjustable heightRange (km)Controls: user (U); dual (D); option (O)Front or rear: front drive (F); rear drive (R); option (O)Kerb height (cm)Controls: Joystick (J); Push-button (P); Automated or preset (A); Option (O)Kerb climbingDual speed optionDismantlesKerb climber attachment: central (C); side (S); option (O)Specialised seatingCapacity (kg)Maximum speed (km/h)Length (cm)Width (cm)Turning circle diameter (cm)Weight of heaviest component (kg)Weight (kg)Maximum gradient (degrees)Back height (cm)Height (cm)Ground clearance (cm)Adjustable angleHeadrestDetachableFolds forwardCrash tested to ISO 7176-19Swing awayElevating legrestFixed or detachable: fixed (F); detachable (D); option (O)Type: one piece (O); individual (I); one piece or individual (Op)Fold upDetachableAdjustable heightFold up or drop down: fold (F); drop (D); option (O)Charging point - mains (M); wheelchair (W); option (O)Fold-up or swing away armrestsLegrestAngle of tilt (degrees)Price (£)
Apex Lite Scooter42-468; 131366102492771537550
B400 Powered Wheelchair40; 45; 5038-46; 42-5038-42; 43-4840C1406.43595
Bora Express Class 2 Powered Wheelchair41-5143-481306YesI2615
Bora Powerchair4541-5144-4830DR130611659 min; 62 max160; 163941048YesI2449
Breezy Ibis Powerchair With Powerdrive39-5444-6040-5425513661046015882YesO4719
Calisto Wheelchair533846X20 UR13668757140206041XXYesFOXXFO1399
Cirrus Powerchair48404524R1366.4108643965DIFM945
Crest Css Suspension Powerchair534545221366.485591353354NoOFO949
Eazi Chair Ultra Powered Wheelchair46434725U18069658170271293OFO2295
Energi Powerchair41; 46; 51X24UROX136; 1806766043-53XXYesXFIXW971
Foldachair Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchair464347; 54X25UR4X120; 180696581672812XXX FOXXFM1999
Foldalite Trekker Powerchair46423823150610569200331242NoOFW2500
Fox Powered Wheelchair48; 5140; 43; 46; 4935; 40; 45; 50101-11227; 32; 406; 10C1273; 6102; 10559160; 16379649; 57ØYes2268
Jazzy 600es Powerchair41; 4641; 4624J13669062104Yes1800
Jazzy Air Powerchair41; 46; 51251376107FO2610
Juvo B4 Class 2 Powered Wheelchair41-5734-5834-5835; 45R5; 8.5; 9C160659-6016094737-55XI2985
Kite Powered Wheelchair42; 49-7744-48; 39-53UFJ1606114601048YesM4806
Kymco K Movie Powerchair494632UF1606.4108108102101; 948ØYesØXOpW2025
Kymco Vivio Powerchair5046-5646-6432URXO1366.411266123681045; 48; 50ØXYesØFIX1695
Lifestyle WheelchairUOXØ1306.4YesØF9200
Morgan Class 2 Powerchair41-5141-51; 43-48; 46-51Ø3229D6Ø1406.411560128301168130ØØØFIØØFØ3250
Multego Power Chair41-4636-5125101366.410458184748Yes1385
Neo 4 Scooter1366.412658801495
Paravan Pr Biolution Class 2 Standing Wheelchair37-8439-524530U1506100; 1201401261FFPOA
Paravan Pr10 Class 2 Power Wheelchair45; 50; 5545; 50; 55U71806DIPOA
Paravan Pr30 Evo Ii Class 2 Power Wheelchair40-8040-5430UF18066413352; 63; 71DIFPOA
Paravan Pr50 Class 2 Power Wheelchairmin 36, max 8030UF120615613312FOF50POA
Pride Fusion Powerchair4613661106513061990
Pride Jazzy Air 2 Powerchair41-5641; 46; 51U1366.410759106104O2660
Pride Mobility Jazzy Gochair14; 17R31365.9845712816306O1495
Pride New Go Chair Powerchair56-58F41363.784571281630X1450
Pride Quantum Aspen Powerchair4.5J1364107583200
Puma 40 Class 2 Powerchair4242-6040-54361606112; 11961; 6612650-64Yes5170
Q500 Rwd Powerchair42-4940-5638-5640UR10J1606118641901651044-56YesØFIFM5200
Quantum Lightning Powered Wheelchair36-51;41-5136-51;41-511366.48864131593850
Quickie Hula Powered Wheelchair43; 4841-5141-511851366,497-10563826Yes2475
Quickie Jive R2 Powerchair43-4840-5640-56401606; 10119-12264-66115-18710Yes6050
Quickie Puma 20 Class 2 Powerchair4142-5040-5141-5225-43UO6; 8J1366110; 11661; 64120; 170786; 848YesØDID3520
Quickie Q500 Fwd Powerchair42-4940-5638-5640UF7J160613464148165844-56YesFOFM5200
Quickie Salsa Powered Wheelchair38-4641-5141-51140611541-51Yes30 5274
Rascal P200 Powered Wheelchair26R1366.410967132908 -ØØDIW1599
Roma Reno 2 Powerchair With Standard Seat53384620URJ13668757606XYesFOXF995
Roma Reno Powerchair534143241366.484561606661099
Seren Power Chair45-5042-49X20U41366.71006112482645; 63ØYesXFO1500
Sirocco Powered Wheelchair4146X5125DR5-10XOX1366112641165014 20XXXØDIW1260
Smarti Mobility Scooter16X1366.497462392410O1800
Spectra Xtr2 Class 2 Powered Wheelchair46; 47-7741-5134-48; 38-53; 44-48306O1306116; 12159; 62160; 16391; 94; 9810Yes3672
Strider St4e Mobility Scooter4246341366.412460531995
Sunfire General Powered Wheelchair43513281806.4103641441008F1495
Sunfire Plus Gt318 Powerchair52-57484832R1366.410764108F1162
Sunrise Medical Quickie Q700 F Class 2 Powerchair42-4940-6038-5640F7OXYes160613464148165853-72YesOFM6750
Sunrise Medical Quickie Q700 F Sedeo Ergo Powerchair43-4840-5640-5640F7OYes160613464148851-61YesIFM12750
Sunrise Medical Quickie Q700 M Sedeo Ergo Powerchair43-5840-5640-5640OYes1606107622001601051-61YesIFM12750
Sunrise Medical Quickie Q700 R Sedeo Ergo Powerchair43-4840-5640-564010OYes1606118-137641801051-61YesOpFM12750
Sunrise Medical Quickie Salsa M2 Mini Powerchair43 min, 49 max41-5141-51Ø237J1403.2; 61125211097-12846; 49; 51ØYesOØF4895
Supachair Combi Wheelchair16U1506.411862947IM2370
Supascoota Sport Lightweight Mobility Scooter12.8; 231276.4186329F1895
Supascoota Sport Xl Scooter12.8; 191336.4196359F2099
Supascoota Sprint Scooter23U125; 1276.5101571829; 12XXX1695
Tdx2 Ultra Class 2 Powerchair44; 46; 4841-5841-61X31U7.5JX136611265224179936-51108-1548XYesØIXO9950
Titan Powerchair4646-51X24UF1366.41026312769647ØFOFW974
Travelux Venture Power Chair53-69404526UF1355102566371648OFW646
Volt Power Chair4941; 43; 4641; 46; 50352; 101306.510362711253Yes1848
  • ✔ = Standard,
    Ø = Option
  • x = Feature not available
  • - = Information not available
  • m-m - Made-to-measure
  • POA = Price on application
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