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Table for Magnifiers; bar, dome and sheet (go back to list of products)

Product NameDimensions
For individual product details click on the product nameWidth (cm)Length (cm)Magnification (x)Diameter (cm)Weight (g)Price (£)
A4 Sheet Magnifier2821217
Bar Magnifiers28
Bigview Bar Magnifier232411
Brightfield Dome Magnifier1.8; 45; 820
Brightfield Dome Magnifier Range1.845; 6563
Coil Visual Tracking Magnifier1.7531
Coil Visual Tracking Magnifier-clear Reader1.1; 1.524
Coil Visual Tracking Magnifier-line Reader1.1; 1.532
Dome Magnifier25.1; 6.440
Eschenbach Bar Magnifiers1.5; 1.5; 222
Eschenbach Makro Plus Aspheric Bright-field Dome Magnifier3.56.5;91.8;2.287
Fresnel Lens Credit Card Magnifier1.52
Full Page Magnifier13; 2819; 2227
Full Page Magnifier27202383
Illuminated Bar Magnifier316222
Large Sheet Magnifier9.514212
Magnifying Sheet13193
Makrolux 2.2x Newspaper Magnifier3.592.2; 3.6120
Menas Lux Dome Magnifier36.396
Menas Zoom Dome Magnifier2.2-3.4128
Optima Bar Magnifiers3; 413; 16; 232; 2.59
Optima Dome Magnifier1.7; 1.84.5; 5; 6.5; 6.519
Readylens Card Magnifier86542
Rigid Page Size Magnifier213029
Schweizer Bar Magnifiers22; 171.5; 217
Schweizer Bright-field Dome Magnifiers1.85; 6.5; 8; 9.527
Sheet Magnifiers1.5; 32
  • ✔ = Standard,
    Ø = Option
  • x = Feature not available
  • - = Information not available
  • m-m - Made-to-measure
  • POA = Price on application
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